Soul Canvas

embracing freedom and compassion
through an art based therapy

By Pankkti
Art Therapist, Wellbeing Counsellor

Introduction of Art Therapy

Experience transformative art therapy with “Soul Canvas”. An immersive video guiding modern minds to delve within, expand roots, and unlock multidimensional growth. Engage in painting, drawing, and colouring, led by experienced art therapists. Discover hidden emotions, foster mindfulness, and unleash your creative potential for self-discovery and inner connection and of course the outer growth towards health, wealth and happiness!

About Pankkti

ART THERAPIST & WellBeing Consultant

Meet a remarkable art therapist—a smart, modern, beautiful, and intelligent woman with a warm-hearted nature. Through expressive and engaging conversations, she guides minds of all ages and genders to delve within, expand roots, and connect with their true selves. Using canvas, paints, and a guided process of free expression, she unlocks the mysteries of self-discovery. Participants not only connect with others but also learn to independently lead their own process of self-healing.


Compassionate and creative


Sanctuary to explore self


Reframing your perspective


Her purpose is driven by her own experience of personal transformation through art therapy. Having overcome her own hardships, she is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can delve deep within themselves, tap into their inner wisdom, and embark on a journey of healing, growth, and empowerment. By inspiring others, she aims to help them lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.


Driven by her vision, the art therapist aspires to nurture healthy and wholesome individuals who possess the wisdom and inner peace to navigate life’s challenges. Through her work, she aims to empower participants to develop resilience, emotional well-being, and the ability to thrive in various life situations with grace and tranquility.


Empowering minds, fostering growth, and cultivating inner harmony. Her mission is to guide individuals of all ages and backgrounds on a transformative journey of self-discovery through art therapy. She aims to provide a safe and nurturing space, where participants can unleash their creative potential, heal, and emerge as their authentic selves.


For all age Groups

Why Art Therapy?

In the face of the burdens that our modern minds carry, art therapy offers a profound answer. It addresses the multifaceted challenges we encounter: stress, lack of focus, peer pressure, the relentless pace of life, health issues stemming from our lifestyles and stress, concerns for the future of the next generation, the need for clear thinking to safeguard and grow wealth, managing difficult relationships, and the overwhelming anxiety and fears we experience. Art based therapy becomes a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.

Creating a Safe Space

This workshop creates a sanctuary, a safe and breathable space for you to unfold without inhibition. It’s a judgment-free and comparison-free environment, where the inner self can express without fear of being wrong or right. Embrace the freedom to be authentically you.

Expressing Inner Emotions

Through the transformative power of colors and forms, dive deep into your inner emotional landscape. Return to the childlike wonder of dreams and fantasies, finding answers to the complex questions of adulthood in playful expression. Allow the canvas to become the voice that speaks your truth.

Advaita and

Experience the profound connection between art and life as you explore the intuitive use of colors. Witness the transformative effects of colors on the canvas, unveiling newer shapes and shades. Embrace the essence of Advaita, the recognition of the oneness underlying all things. Discover the freedom of non-doership, where the art takes its own course and you surrender to the natural feeling of acceptance in everyday life.

Sharing and Compassion

Engage in meaningful sharing with fellow participants, understanding their personal journeys and challenges. Discover the beauty of learning from one another, fostering empathy and compassion. In this space, the hardships of everyday life become an opportunity for connection and growth.

Meditation for Clarity and Growth

Immerse yourself in a range of meditation techniques tailored specifically for this workshop. Experience contemporary and modern approaches that bring clarity and personal growth. Develop tools to navigate the demands of the modern world, reduce anxiety, and cultivate self-awareness in everyday living.

Experiential Meditation

  • Experience the unique offering of experiential meditation in this program.
  • Similar to a child playing on a slide, initial efforts take their own course.
  • Once on the slide, it’s about enjoying the ride and immersing yourself in the individual spectrum of your inner world.

Sharpening the Senses

  • Humans have five physical senses that shape our perception of the world.
  • Cleansing and sharpening these senses enhances our ability to experience the world in a clearer and more beautiful way.
  • This program effortlessly and mindfully guides participants in this sensory journey.

Exploring the right brain

  • Modern life often disconnects us from the creative aspect of our brains, labeled as the right brain.
  • This program offers a rare opportunity to dive into the realm of the right brain.
  • By embracing this side, participants move closer to becoming players in the whole brain game.
  • Unlock the power of creativity and gain an invaluable strength for a peaceful life, whether as a Himalayan hermit, a high-achieving professional, or an exceptional artist.

Integration and Closing

Reflect upon the transformative insights gained throughout this journey. Embrace the integration of these learnings into your daily life, infusing art, compassion, and clarity into every aspect. Express gratitude for the growth experienced and the profound connections forged along the way.

Enabling individuals to deal with situations

Engage in meaningful sharing with fellow participants, understanding their personal journeys and challenges. Discover the beauty of learning from one another, fostering empathy and compassion. In this space, the hardships of everyday life become an opportunity for connection and growth.

Self healing

Embark on a transformative art therapy experience that invites the modern mind to explore depths of oneself and expand roots while connecting with others on a deeper level. Discover how other participants navigate turbulent lives, finding precious gems of wisdom. This journey cultivates self-healing as you embark independently on a process of personal transformation.

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few words from people

I attended Pankti’s Art Therapy Session. There was colors and me only, talking to each other.
It was just best meditative time I ever had. Color mixing, color spreading and colors arriving on paper was truly great experience. She brought me in a new world of art, when I can melt myself, I can meet myself and I found new me as Truly clear and transparent.

Ruchira J

Artist, Age 32

I feel like she listens to your problem more as a friend than a counsellor. She’s patient and calm in her sessions. My personal experience with Pankti as a counsellor was beneficial in a way that she guided me to the path I was enable to see being in that situation with her knowledge and experiences.


Artist, Age 23

An Amazingly beautiful course. I am so happy to reconnect with my inner playful child. I haven’t laughed and played like this since such a long time. A few years ago I would have never dared show my ideas, dance or be creative like this. I will do my do my best to continue this beautiful energy for my future life and share it with others.

Cat Davis

Traveller, Age 60

Thank you for adding all the colors to my life be it white for peace, red for love/anger or green for unity. Your support and guidance has made me a better individual. I relate to this quote “Behind every child who believes in themselves has a teacher you believe in them first” You have moulded and shaped my knowledge. I have had happy, sad, excited and accomplished all memories with you. Lastly I promise not to forget you and stay in touch

Nishi Shah

Student, Age 18

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