Once in a rare while this happens. When you’re lost in spite of all the luxuries of life at hand. The ocean around appear as if a cageless cage and you’ve all the directions open and still nowhere to go. 
A beckon far away brings wave of utmost joy and you can not wait to embrace. I am so glad that Meera happened to me at the time when I was in the whirlwind on emotional turbulence. She helped me become RADHA and she also help me to discover MEERA within me. 
For me Meera is a phenomenon, beckoning gloriously. She saved me from myself. My sails are back in the beautiful winds of existential sea just by being with her for few unforgettable days. I sail on with Meera deeply rooted in my heart. I can never completely express my gratitude. 

Osho Art Intensive therapist training 
I communicated with Meera via mail early and upon reaching Pune on 8th is when I saw Meera first time. That was pure joy as I was so eager from a long and most amazingly she recognised me which was so unexpected!
And my new journey started..
She was an amazing driving factor for myself and the group to follow each and every suggestion-instructions from her. Distant from my usual nature I witnessed that I was becoming more and more quiet with serenity and trying to be more attentive and listening to her in each aspect, her spoken and unspoken communication. 
Many things surfaced to my surprise as my expectations was little different from this training. It was taken away with Meera’s wild and stormy being. She had done it so smoothly, I was fully aware and it wasn’t like being carried away. 
I’ve immense gratitude for her. She helped me come out from very strong and huge burden of my life. Today I am all new person and my relationships are on different level because of her and that so in very little time span.
I have cried, got afraid and argued with my self and around. I shared with her and she has given me a great insight to look upon, and that was the KEY to everything. I eventually came out of my fear, my anxiety and dark side of my life. 
I strongly feel that I am now more clear in my perception towards life, relations and people. I am more conscious with my moments and my Now and Here. I have stop button and which is WoRKInG 

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